The Trappers

Q. What does a Demon Trapper do?
A Demon Trapper, by definition, captures demons using sophisticated methods of tracking and acquisition. These fiends can range in size, cunning and lethality from the smallest (Grade One Hellspawn) up to Archdemons. Capturing a demon requires considerable skill, not only to deal with the demon properly after trapping, but to ensure that innocents are not injured in the process.

Q. Are Trappers the same as the Demon Hunters?
No. Demon Hunters are sanctioned by the Vatican and are permitted to kill all minions of Hell on sight and to arrest and prosecute those humans who have become agents of Lucifer. Trappers hold no powers to arrest or prosecute, and are only allowed to destroy a demon if they, or others, are in immediate peril.

Q. If I want to become a trapper, what do I have to do?
You must be at least sixteen years of age and submit an application to be considered for an apprentice position.  If you are younger than nineteen years, you will need  permission from a parent or guardian to undergo training.

If, after your interview and a background check, you are accepted as an apprentice, you will train with a Master Trapper for a period of no less than twelve consecutive months.  During that time there will be both classroom and practical work that will include the following subjects:

* Demonology (Grades One – Five)
* The Art of Demon Capture and Containment
* Proper Licensing, Paperwork
* Rights and Responsibilities

A final exam will be administered at the end of your training period. Should you pass the exam, you will be designated a Journeyman Trapper and be given full voting rights in the Guild and your name registered with the national office.

Q. Do you have to be religious to be a trapper?
No particular religious affiliation is required. Trappers come from all faiths and walks of life. Note – Demon Hunters are required to be of the Roman Catholic faith.

Q. What about that TV show? Is that what it’s really like?
No. Hollywood rarely depicts reality and the Demonland television show is very loosely based on the real world of demon trapping, or hunting, for that matter.

Q. What does it take to become a Master Trapper?
A minimum of three years’ experience, additional classwork and the successful  capture of one of the higher grade demons or Archfiends.

Q. What happens to the demons once you’ve trapped them?
They are sold to licensed demon traffickers who, in turn, deliver them to the Catholic Church who sees to their care from that point on.

Q. What do you think about the Demons Have Rights! movement?
The Atlanta Guild and the National Order of Demon Trappers feel that the Demons Have Rights movement is misguided.  Hellfiends are here for one purpose — to disrupt our lives. As Trappers it is our job to ensure they are not successful.